The beginning of our second year

Our second fishing season starts on March 15th 2019 and the lake is now a local popular fly fishing location. The winter once again is seeing many improvements around the lake with bank and fringe management allowing even more access to cast and stalk the fish. We are maintaining a healthy stock over wintered fish that are competing daily with resident swans at feeding time and growing ever bigger

We are very pleased to say that we have been able to maintain our low prices for 2019 in an environment of ever increasing costs and we have already taken many bookings pre season with the calendar  filling up with the names of many of last seasons rods. Its a great opportunity to thank those returning customers and new friends for their continued support and appreciation of the jewel on the Test we look after and care for.

So if you haven’t done so book now by emailing or phoning us. Bring a group of friends or work colleagues for a day out on the lake. Don’t forget BBQ and or a prepared lunch can be provided if required along with equipment and tuition as and when required.

The partners look forward to sharing the ‘Jewel of Test’ with you again this year!

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