Newsletter – Early Summer 2020

After the disruption of the Coronavirus Lockdown we were able to re-open on 15th May and the groups which have fished in the past two or three weeks have been delighted, not only with the fishing but being outside in this glorious setting. When fishing resumed the fish had grown significantly and fish of over six pounds have been recorded in the “Catch Book” – fantastic! The lake is now in perfect condition.

We have had to make an “Addendum” to our Lake Rules in order to abide by the Governments instructions on social distancing etc. This includes closing the fishing hut and hiding the BBQ, but we’ve added a third picnic table and spread them apart to create more room to meet safely (when you are not fishing!).

So thank you for your booking, whether you have visited yet or are still to come. The purpose of this Newsletter is to advise you that we will also extend our season this year by one month, closing on 30th November. We are currently fully booked in June, but if you would like to make any further bookings we have availability thereafter.

To enquire about available dates for your Group Bookings please email us at or phone me on 07860 493564.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Pittleworth Trout Lake Partnership

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