Corporate Day for “Complete” July 1st 2021

20 co workers experienced the lake for the first time on July 1st 2021 organised by Leanne Oakley. With wonderful floral table arrangements, bunting, food and chilled drinks on ice the scene was set for a wonderful new adventure for many first time anglers. The weather stayed hot, the algae bloomed and all ears were strained for the call of the cuckoo whilst keen eyes scanned for the blue flash of the Kingfisher. After casting practice Denise was first to catch and land her first ever fish which at 2 1/2 lbs turned out be the lightest of the day and under the extreme pressure of all of his bubbly fuelled company watching him strain every sinew to catch his first trout, boss Alan was the last to land a lovely 4lb 2 oz rainbow, joint 2nd heaviest of the day. All in all 9 novice anglers caught their first fly fished trout with everyone else just happy to be enjoying the exclusivity of the beautiful tranquillity of a very special lake. “What a place for a company day out!!”

A happy Day at work !
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