Lake Rules

Pittleworth Trout Lake Rules – Season 2022

  1. The season will run from 11th March to 31st October inclusive. 
  2. Fishing is restricted to Group Day Ticket Holders, Season Syndicate Ticket Holders and guests on Corporate Days. 
  3. Rod sharing is not permitted.
  4. Except by prior arrangement, no more than 8 people will be allowed to fish on any one day, unless on Corporate Days when up to 10 guests will be permitted.
  5. Fishermen may be accompanied by one non-fishing guest, over the age of 16, by prior arrangement at time of booking.
  6. All fishermen must record their name in the Record of Catches Book in the Fishing Hut on arrival, and before starting to fish. Nil returns are required. A maximum of 4 rainbow trout per day may be caught by each fisherman. All rainbow trout caught must be killed and fishermen must cease fishing immediately they have reached their limit. Brown trout must be released and returned unharmed to the lake. Cleaning of fish at the lake is not permitted.
  7. All fishermen must be in possession of a valid and appropriate Environment Agency Fishing Licence and be prepared to show it if requested by Pittleworth Trout Lake officials as a means of identity.
  8. Any coarse fish caught by accident must be returned unharmed to the lake.
  9. Only normal fly fishing rods and lines will be used, limited to one fly per cast. Nymphs and dry or wet flies may be used. No droppers, treble or tandem hooks and maximum size 10 hooks. Length of fly should not exceed 1.5” or 40mm. Bite indicators are prohibited.
  10. Fishing is not permitted before 8.00am and must finish one hour after sunset.
  11. Fishing is from the bank only, no wading, boating or bathing is permitted.
  12. Dogs must be kept under strict control. Fishermen with dogs who do not obey this rule may be asked to leave. Dogs must not be allowed in the lake.
  13. Cars may only be parked in the hard standing area adjacent to the Fishing Hut.
  14. The Fishing Hut is provided for the purposes of shelter and eating. No litter may be left at the Fishing Hut or anywhere on the lakeside. Please take it home.
  15. The Fishing Hut, Toilet and Barbeque are provided for the comfort and use of fishermen. Please use them considerately. The BBQ is used at your own risk and must not be moved.
  16. Neither the Pittleworth Manor Estate nor the Pittleworth Trout Lake Partnership accepts responsibility for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused to persons whilst at the Pittleworth Lake.


Any guest at Pittleworth Lake may be asked to leave by any Pittleworth Trout Lake official or any agent of the landowner, Pittleworth Manor Estate if:

  1. They have caused a nuisance to the “Estate” or its servants.
  2. In the case of any rod not able to produce a valid licence. (See “7” above).
  3. In the case of any rod not able to produce authority to fish or any rod in contravention of any of the rules and considerations above.
  4. Serious infringement of the above rules will result in exclusion from further visits to the lake. 

Lake Rules Updated 1st November 2021