A lovely 5 pounder on a cold snowy day 3/4/2019

Pittleworth Lake November 2017

Ernie and grandson- the first customer catch of 2018

Steve showing off- he doesn’t catch too many!!

Ice bergs on the lake

The 2018 Season starts cold and damp but this didn’t stop the hardy fishermen !

Probably the best trout … in the world !

Quote ” I get a better sleep here. Its cheaper, more relaxing and more comfortable than a hotel …”

A lovey fish caught by a guest last Friday (May 2018)

A Beautiful backdrop, a lovely fish

A Happy Fisherman !

Bluebells in the Springtime

Even the novice can have a go ! ………..a message from the web designer…

A satisfying day out when you catch your fish !

Pittleworth Lakes is fed by the very pretty and tranquil River Test

A    4 Fish day is always a  big success

!!!! Fish Scales….. !!!!

A Bored Trout

Always time to relax at the fishing hut for beer and a bbq

Beer an optional but important part of the fishing “tackle”