Corporate Day for “Complete” July 1st 2021

20 co workers experienced the lake for the first time on July 1st 2021 organised by Leanne Oakley. With wonderful floral table arrangements, bunting, food and chilled drinks on ice the scene was set for a wonderful new adventure for many first time anglers. The weather stayed hot, the algae bloomed and all ears were strained for the call of the cuckoo whilst keen eyes scanned for the blue flash of the Kingfisher. After casting practice Denise was first to catch and land her first ever fish which at 2 1/2 lbs turned out be the lightest of the day and under the extreme pressure of all of his bubbly fuelled company watching him strain every sinew to catch his first trout, boss Alan was the last to land a lovely 4lb 2 oz rainbow, joint 2nd heaviest of the day. All in all 9 novice anglers caught their first fly fished trout with everyone else just happy to be enjoying the exclusivity of the beautiful tranquillity of a very special lake. “What a place for a company day out!!”

A happy Day at work !
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“Lakes look lovely” May 21

Good evening

Just a short note to say we all had a brilliant day on Friday. The fishing was superb.

The lakes looked lovely, there’s lots of careful work been done but the beauty of the lakes remains, a difficult thing to achieve.

We’re all looking forward to our day in September.

Thanks again

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Pittleworth Trout Lake Rules

Pittleworth Trout Lake Rules

Season 2021

  1. The season will run from 12th March to 31st October inclusive.
  2. Fishing is restricted to Group Day Ticket Holders, Season Ticket Holders and guests on Introductory and Corporate Days.
  3. Rod sharing is not permitted.
  4. Except by prior arrangement, no more than 8 people will be allowed to fish on any one day, unless on Corporate Days when up to 10 guests will be permitted.
  5. Fishermen may be accompanied by one non-fishing guest, over the age of 16, by prior arrangement at time of booking.
  6. All fishermen must record their name in the Record of Catches Book in the Fishing Hut on arrival, and before starting to fish. Nil returns are required. A maximum of 4 fish per day may be caught by each fisherman. All trout caught must be killed and fishermen must cease fishing immediately they have reached their limit. Cleaning of fish at the lake is not permitted.
  7. All fishermen must be in possession of a valid and appropriate Environment Agency Fishing Licence and be prepared to show it if requested by Pittleworth Trout Lake officials as a means of identity.
  8. Any coarse fish caught by accident must be returned unharmed to the lake.
  9. Only normal fly fishing rods and lines will be used, limited to one fly per cast. Nymphs and dry or wet flies may be used. No droppers, treble or tandem hooks and maximum size 10 hooks. Length of fly should not exceed 1.5” or 40mm.
  10. Fishing is not permitted before 8.00am and must finish one hour after sunset.
  11. Fishing is from the bank only, no wading, boating or bathing is permitted.
  12. Dogs must be kept under strict control. Fishermen with dogs who do not obey this rule may be asked to leave. Dogs must not be allowed in the lake.
  13. Cars may only be parked in the hard standing area adjacent to the Fishing Hut.
  14. The Fishing Hut is provided for the purposes of shelter and eating. No litter may be left at the Fishing Hut or anywhere on the lakeside. Please take it home.
  15. The Fishing Hut, Toilet and Barbeque are provided for the comfort and use of fishermen. Please use them considerately. The BBQ is used at your own risk.
  16. Neither the Pittleworth Manor Estate nor the Pittleworth Trout Lake Partnership accepts responsibility for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused to persons whilst at the Pittleworth Lake.


Any guest at Pittleworth Lake may be asked to leave by any Pittleworth Trout Lake official or any agent of the landowner, Pittleworth Manor Estate if:

  1. They have caused a nuisance to the “Estate” or its servants.
  2. In the case of any rod not able to produce a valid licence. (See “7” above).
  3. In the case of any rod not able to produce authority to fish or any rod in contravention of any of the rules and considerations above.
  4. Serious infringement of the above rules will result in exclusion from further visits to the lake.
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A Christmas Water Colour

We received the attached Christmas card today from one of our fishermen, Chris Dunn. He painted it in water colours from photos he has taken when fishing.

The message inside reads, “Thank you for everything over 2019 and 2020 and we look forward to more trips in 2021. Meanwhile, a Very Merry Christmas and please accept my “Vincent” impression of the place where I love to be”.

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Newsletter – November 2020

We have come to the end of the season. Time to tidy your fly box and clean your bag before you put them away for the winter. What a socially distanced year it has been!

Getting exclusive use of the lake for the whole day has been an invaluable opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and family in the spectacular setting that is Pittleworth, with its clear water, sublime tranquillity and excellent fighting fish. Let’s look forward to doing it again in the spring.

It is important to have something to look forward to, so get in touch with your friends and decide when you are getting together to fish next year. We hope that the chaos will start to subside early next year and we are planning to open again on 12th March.

We will be open for bookings from 2nd January. If you want to do your friends a favour, tell them that our fishing experience offerings can be found on our website, To enquire about available dates for your Group Bookings, or for participation in our Introductory Days, email us at

We look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime, keep safe and winter well.

Pittleworth Trout Lake Partners

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Outstanding 2020 Season

On behalf of the JLP Club many thanks for another enjoyable day. I think all rods caught at least a couple. I believe Pauline has already reserved 3 days for next season. 
From me congratulations to you and your colleagues for maintaining and presenting the lake so well during the season.
Myself and my various pals have thoroughly enjoyed our days and look forward to next year. Hopefully we will be able to socialize and relax a little more, although the current direction of things it doesn’t really look likely.
Many thanks again and if its not too early Happy Christmas!
Best regards  R.F.S

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Superb September

Just a note to thank you and all others who manage The Pittleworth lakes.

Not only was the fishing and quality of the fish caught superb but the lakes looked stunning. Put that together with the comfort of the facilities and we all enjoyed a really lovely memorable day.

I took a couple of pictures of the lakes and will forward them on.
Thanks again Stan

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Jubilant July

Thank you for a fantastic day last Thursday with Richard. 

Caught some monsters and had great fun and got a tan despite the odd shower.  Had one that took off 3 times and went in the other lake under the bridge too.

I would love to book the lakes for a whole day as I did last year. 

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Fisherfolk’s voices

June 2020
Just wanted to thank you for our day at Pittleworth yesterday.
The weather could have been better but that didn’t stop all three of us catching some superb hard fighting fish.
The surroundings were as lovely as ever, and although we couldn’t tempt them off the top, carefully placed nymphs proved effective.
My daughter caught her PB rainbow on a fly she tied herself, and I was lucky enough to round off the day with a superb brown of 5 1/2 lb!! Picture below
We will try and book another day later in the year. Oh, and the portable bbq worked well without incident
Thanks again.

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Newsletter – Early Summer 2020

After the disruption of the Coronavirus Lockdown we were able to re-open on 15th May and the groups which have fished in the past two or three weeks have been delighted, not only with the fishing but being outside in this glorious setting. When fishing resumed the fish had grown significantly and fish of over six pounds have been recorded in the “Catch Book” – fantastic! The lake is now in perfect condition.

We have had to make an “Addendum” to our Lake Rules in order to abide by the Governments instructions on social distancing etc. This includes closing the fishing hut and hiding the BBQ, but we’ve added a third picnic table and spread them apart to create more room to meet safely (when you are not fishing!).

So thank you for your booking, whether you have visited yet or are still to come. The purpose of this Newsletter is to advise you that we will also extend our season this year by one month, closing on 30th November. We are currently fully booked in June, but if you would like to make any further bookings we have availability thereafter.

To enquire about available dates for your Group Bookings please email us at or phone me on 07860 493564.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Pittleworth Trout Lake Partnership

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